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Dear Teacher: Adapt

“Dear Teacher” is a series of student letters, written anonymously, to a teacher.

Dear teacher, 

I am trying to adapt to our new online school methods just as you are, and, while it is difficult, I understand that it is very possible.  I will continue to try my hardest as you have been, because I recognize that none of us are at full strength and in our best form, but it would really comfort me if you be at least aware of my struggles since we are all having our own difficulties in different areas of this new quarantine school system.  Maybe, in this way, you may even have some advice that could aid and console me when I feel so lost and unmotivated.

Just two nights ago, I was in the middle of doing my homework when, I suddenly felt so tired.  I practically fell asleep at the dining table where I was attempting to be at least a little productive at the time, and it was only about 5 pm.  I slept the full 8 hours of sleep each night throughout the whole week, but I still found myself barely able to keep my eyes open.  Now, I´m not naive.  I know this could mean one of two things.  I was either extremely stressed to the point where my body grew exhausted, or I was simply depressed, though that seems unlikely (I hope).  So I must´ve been stressed out, which is not at all uncalled for in these times, and I can fully understand why; moreover, perhaps other students can relate to this as well.  

Students now have only three to four classes/meetings a day, alternating between subjects.  Due to this new schedule, teachers give out two days worth of work each class.  The problem here is that, after six years of the same subjects everyday, all with work and reminders given daily, plus the comforting presence of fun, carefree school activities and friends we get to see everyday, this new block schedule is a bit hard to get accustomed to.  I, being a naturally forgetful as well as lazy, very-easily-distracted, and, obviously, unaccustomed individual, often end up doing two days worth of work in one day rather than splitting up the work as I realize I should do and am meant to do.  And not even I fully understand the reason behind why I can´t just adapt to the new circumstances already, which is extremely frustrating for not only me, but also future me, who is hoping to make it into NYU.  

As a student who appreciates how hard the teachers (at least, my teachers) are working to make this easier for all of us, I will not just complain and expect to get results, or even just complain for the sake of releasing pent-up anxiety as a senior with procrastination issues (both inadvertent and inadvertent).  Neither will I just explain my situation and hope to gain sympathy for it.  The least I can do, besides that, is also acknowledge you teachers while I admit that I am doing exactly just that. 

Hopefully, you are feeling similarly so that you can at least relate to my pain; not that I wish pain upon you all, but so that this message doesn´t fall on deaf ears.


 A student who is aware that she is probably not making much sense today

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