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Dear Teacher: Favorite Students


     Teachers, we all know you have them, there’s no defeating that fact but maybe try to make it not so obvious. I’m a freshman and with the new returning back to school rules being enforced, the freshman is to go back on April 21st. With that in mind, I have a big fear that some teachers -not all of you- will forget your students still on Zoom and only give your full attention to those who arrived in person. 

      I’m not claiming that simulcasting is an easy thing to do, I give all of you immense credit for doing it but I’m not convinced all of you will do it well. I know that sounds harsh but it’s my opinion and this whole “Dear Teacher” column is supposed to raise students’ concerns and this is one of my biggest. Not all students have the ability to go back to school in person and I’m aware that all teachers know that. With the buses not being fully applicable and us having to immediately leave campus right at one pm. I know these are things that you teachers can’t control and I’m not holding you to that, I’m just asking in complete sincerity if you can give equal attention to both your in-person students and your online ones. There’s probably going to be a few of you that will favor the students that come back in person and that talk to you frequently and ask questions when prompted to. It’s human nature to do that, and especially since I know quite a few of you aren’t getting the social interaction you usually thrive on while at school. 

     All I’m asking as a new freshman to this highschool is that you try your best to answer the questions or concerns in your direct messages on Zoom meetings and don’t act like the only opinion that matters is the one that’s presented by the students in person. I know and you know that every student learns and retains information differently and it wouldn’t be fair to the students that can’t come back -like me- if you only acknowledged the concerns raised by the students that were right in front of you. Some of us aren’t completely comfortable asking a question we have out loud to the entire class and feel the safest just messaging you about it and I would hate for that to not be a viable option anymore once lots of freshmen come back. Also, we’re fully aware when you have a favorite student or a student that’s considered “your pet” so please take this concern of mine into consideration so I’m not speaking into the void. Just in case, hey void how are you doing?

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