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Dear Teacher: Be Patient

“Dear Teacher” is a series of student letters, written anonymously, to a teacher.

Dear Teacher,

Thank you for having been so patient with your students and thank you for trying to make our distance learning experience as smooth as possible. I as your students appreciate what you are doing for me and the rest of my classmates. Although, I’d like to mention that there is a lot of work piled on top of us. We understand you have other students you must tend to throughout your day and class sessions, but we also have other teachers work to do and other assignments we have to turn in.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could help us out and lower the amount of work you’re assigning, or at least extend the submission time by a day or two. We’d also appreciate it if you were more understanding about students being late to your classes, we have internet problems sometimes or our connection gets lost or sometimes our chromebooks take a while longer to turn on than usual, and sometimes we forget to charge our chromebooks the night before too. Thank you for your support and your patience.

I would also like to state a few things that I personally think can improve the way we learn. For example, sometimes, I’m not sure if it happens to others, but a few of my teachers either move too fast or too slow. If it’s too slow, I sometimes get bored and get distracted and when they go too fast I get lost and confused. 

Also, it’ll be more helpful to send out reminder messages out a day before the assignments are due. It’s because we get assignments sent out and then when we go to our different classes we forget the assignments we get from each class sometimes, but I personally think a reminder for assignments in each class would be more helpful and help us get our work turned in better with no confusion. 


Your Student

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